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Monday, March 30, 2009 { 10:52 AM }

Almost 9 years ago, I never thought I'd settle down with the guy whom I just got to know from a friend.

The funny thing about us was that I didn't know how he looked like and he doesn't know how I looked like. We got to know one another from a friend, Hakif. And the first time he actually tried to communicate with me was a funny story.

He sms-ed me in the morning, a time where I would be asleep. Dead tired from working night shift. The sms I replied was at night when I was on the way to work, in which time he was already in bed. So the first time we actually tried contacting each other was a mishap. Hahaha.

So we didn't actually managed to exchange much details till the next day.

We chatted on the phone, text messaged each other for about two weeks before we finally decided to meet up. Hahaha. 

He wanted to send me to work that night. On the way to my workplace, he asked for permission to hold my hands in which I just said ya. Then once we've reached my workplace, he asked for permission to kiss me on my cheeks in which I said ya. Hahaha. 

He began sending me to work and fetching me home almost everyday despite being too tired from work or something. He'd always put me first.

Somehow, I don't know what happened but we just clicked. We like the same stuff, almost. Both he and I were nursing a broken heart. Hehehe. Not actually broken, just crack je actually. Haha. He had just separated with his Malaysian Gf of 2 yrs. Yelah masa tu nak masuk NS, mana ada time nak ulang alik jumpa matair kan? Tulah nak matair dengan orang jauh kannnn..last temu jodoh dengan orang SG gak!

Time I got to know him was when he was halfway thru NS. We naturally became close. Takde sound-sound jadi matair. And kalau tak aku yang bersuara cakap kita takde date nak celebrate anniversary, dia tak sound aku secara formal. Haahahhaa. So we were in a relationship for almost 2 months before he asked me to be his GF on 12/12/2000 at 2 am. Jadi tahun ni is the 9th year we're together. Legally married cap Halal da 6 tahun. Tapi tak guna, ada date anniversary pun kadang-kadang leh lupa. Dah tu takpe, bila orang tanya dia how long have u guys been married? Dia leh cakap 8 tahun!! Ni kes dia rasa da lama sgt ke dengan aku? Pastu leh argue dengan aku, 8 tahun lah... 6 tahun laaa.. sampai aku kena sebut tarikh kita kahwin -300303. Tu pun tetap lupa. Guys, so typical. 

Anyways, this past almost 9 years together I've felt a lot of emotions. Anger, happiness, disappointment but we got through it all together. Kalau marah, dua-dua marah...bebual kasar semacam tapi give us a few seconds and we will be rolling up ketawa-ketawa. Perhaps it's cos both of us knows how to cajole the other party. 

When I look at others' relationship that didn't last, kadang-kadang aku jadi takot. Especially bila mak aku selalu cakap, jantan sekarang tak guna satu sen. Dia ngata bapak aku lah tu. Tapi bagi aku, jantan sekarang ke jantan dulu ke semua sama. Orang kata, lelaki yang baik untuk wanita baik. Semua orang ada pasangan. Allah da ciptakan kita macam tu. 

Before him, I never thought I'd settle down early. Paling-paling pun aku fikir time umur aku 25-26-27 baru nak kahwin. Tapi bila mak dia da sound suruh kahwin, tup-tup plan kita dari nak tunang tahun 2005 trus kene kahwin tahun 2003. Kenapa kita agree dengan apa mak dia suruh walaupun at that point of time both of us weren't prepared to get married? Aku rasa dah sampai masa pun aku tak nak susahkan mak bapak lagi, buat dorang risau and also because I love him very much. 

Dah 6 tahun kahwin ni kan, kita da macam kawan. Tapi memang betul, dia lah kawan, dia lah sahabat, dia lah suami, dia lah teman. Aku dah jarang keluar dengan kawan-kawan atau secara sorang-sorang cos rasa janggal. Aku takleh keluar kalau dia takde nanti aku rasa diri aku out of place. 

Dia pun sama, kalau dia ajak aku keluar dan aku malas. Dia takkan keluar. Bila aku suruh dia keluar, dia kata tak nak. Takde bini kuar sorang-sorang macam merayau tak kene tempat. Hahaha.

Dia very nice person, opinionated, sporting and will always pamper me first. Mintak je apa tapi kadang-kadang aku kesian tengok dia. Yelah, jadi anak lelaki sulung family dia bukan senang. Tanggungjawab dia kat aku, abih kat mak dia lagi. Kadang-kadang aku rasa benci kat side dia tapi kena terima jugak. Dorang kata kalau da kawin anak, mesti nak kena kawin dengan family dia jugak. Jadi pelan-pelan aku try to accept walaupun kadang-kadang aku takleh accept. LOL. Demi dia. 

Kalau dia leh terima keluarga aku, takkan aku takleh terima keluarga dia kan? It's going to be unfair and it's going to cause a lot of problems. 

Marriage is something sacred in which kita kena pertahankan with a lot of hard work and effort. It's like building a sandcastle at the beach. Kalau kita buat dia kering sangat nanti dia senang roboh, kalau kita buat dia terlalu dekat dengan laut nanti musnah. So we learn to protect the castle from every possible natural disaster. We learn to add the right consistency of water so it doesn't get too wet.

And we learn to muster all courage it takes to fight off anasir-anasir jahat. Learn to stand up to make the marriage works. 

ILY hubster, Happy 6th wedding anniversary!

p/s: sorry for not remembering what our first movie was. haha. u know ily despite forgetting the minor details. LOL