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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 { 12:58 AM }

Been absent the last few days.

Blame the cold weather. Nice to sleep in. So for the last week or so, I've been lazying in bed and sleeping as early as 10 pm. Hahaha. Weather best pe.

Hubster has caught the fishing fever again. It's been years since he took out his rod and drum. It's been years since we last went for a picnic by the beach. It wasn't until last Saturday where after meeting some people, we went to Changi Village to scout around for a new rod n drum and also to makan.

Took a cab from Loyang Point. It was drizzling then, accompanied him to the shop and I tell you, even when I'm shopping for my stuff it doesn't take that long. And the amount he spent, I can buy my stuff times 2. Heh, and macam biasa lah Kat never has the patience to accompany people go shopping lagi-lagi shopping for something I'm so unfamiliar with. Bleargh!

After shopping for his stuff for an hour, we made a stop at Changi Village Food Court for dinner. I had Beef Hor Fun which sucked and hubster had Char Kway Teow which was pretty nice. Then after dinner, we made our way home. Hubster was pulling a long face cos I didn't entertain him in his shopping spree. Mestilah, kalau shopping benda lain I can give my opinion. Tapi ni shopping barang mancing, satu haram benda pun aku tak tau. 

It's not that I don't allow him to splurge. But fishing and photography are two hobbies that are very expensive. Dia plak kalau nak pakai rod/reel/drum murah-murah takpe...his Zziplex-dunno-what-model used to cost him over 500 buckaroos. Then his dunno-what-model drum cost him nearly 2k. Abih bila shopping and him wanting to buy an over 100 bucks drum seeing that i pulled a face, he settled for the less than hundred Penn drum. Hehehe. But overall he spend over 100 bucks for the drum, mata kail, batu ladong etc etc. 

Then the next day, we went fishing at Changi. Intended to go just the 4 of us; me, hubster, my brother and Mamat. Sekali, mulut aku pe gatal pi tanya bapak aku. Manalah aku tahu he would say yes. Ingatkan dia main-main aje. Sekali betol dia kuar dengan kita semua. Haha. My brother and Mamat got really pissed off at him cos he has a habit of kacau orang rabak-rabak. Sampai Changi je, lum sempat pasang rod hari pun hujan. Then it stopped and we went to lay out the tikar and bring out all the food. In a matter of 1 hour, it started raining again. I cursed myself for forgetting to bring the tent along. Haha. Then as my dad was sitting talking to me about how nice it is if we had brought along a tent, one of the ladies nearby gave my dad a tent cos she was gonna go home. Ingatkan baik mana lah, rupanya tent tak guna. Air hujan masuk dalam tent. Chets. Dah aku kat dalam tent macam banjir. I had to build a moat in order so that the water doesn't flood the area where I was sitting. Cool pe dalam tent leh buat moat. Hehe.

My dad surrendered early and head to the shelter nearby but how can I just leave all the stuff in the tent kan. Luckily the camera, PSPs and handphones were sealed in a ziplock bag. Protection from rain, and that instant I wished I was a camera or a psp cos I'd be safe and dry in a ziplock bag. 

The boys aka hubster, my brother and Mamat were drenched in the rain and because of that decided to terus jump into the sea despite them not bring extra clothes. Giler pe olang! 

Fishing nye fishing, at last dapat seekor ketam and seekor ikan apa tah. Pe cinonet tu ikan, I laughed at the sight of it. Hehehe. Tak tahu ah mak aku masak lauk apa. Ikan seekor, ketam seekor. Nak buat sambal pun cukup untuk satu mulut je. Haha.

Went back at around 6 plus pm. Took a bus to Bishan and then we took a train home. Sampai rumah kul 9 plus pm. Semua da penat, bersihkan joran laughed here and there and then by 12 midnight, everyone was asleep. Haha. I was tired. Not because of the fishing but because of tahan hujan dalam tent. LOLX!

Took pics but then again, my lappy is fresh. No photoshop. No software to edit my pics. Sucks!

I'll upload all the pics sooooonnnn...promise!