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Monday, April 13, 2009 { 1:55 PM }

This entry is gonna be suppppeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr longgggg. Not to mention that it is sobasi.com LOL. But it will be filled with pics. Hehe.
I met up with this cutie on 7th March at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Hehehe...Oklah, bedek sak Kat jumpa dia. I actually won 2 tickets to see the soulful Anuar Zain at Grand Hyatt Hotel. The first person that came to my mind was Naj knowing what a big fan of Mr Soulful she is.

The event as you can see via the pic above takes place on 7th March(I know, lama gila nak update!!) Malas nak tulis panjang2 so I let you enjoy the pics below. Btw, some of the pics are unedited. Suruh hubster, asyik nanti aje. And my laptop don't have Photoshop. =(

Naj posing with the tickets. Wow Wee...

Da sampai hotel apa lagi... camwhore lah! lol.

Najihah, the great fan of Mr Soulful.

Again. Anxious Awaiting Anuar. Wah 4A..lol

Time for some test shots. Candid.

The set up stage. I so suka the chair can? !

Us again camwhoring. Kalau da perempuan tetap perempuan.

Naj with the peace sign. Classically Singaporean!Hehe

Smiley Najjie.

Kat the Mighty..WAKAKAKAKA. Mighty Morphing Power Ranger! Trus pic jadi hitam! LOL

Now it's my turn to join in with the famous peace sign pic.

Mawar Berduri the Host. She so lawa!!!

Mr Soulful. *swoon*

Suka Suka Suka... hehehe...

Flipping thru buku apa ekh? Buku lyrics ekh?LOL

He was serenading someone just a few seats away from Naj. Hehehe.

Dengan penuh perasaan... Mr Soulful.

*melting....* Despite having a cough, he still sang perfectly!

Bila dia bukak coat je lagi *melting...*

Arigato Gozaimas.. ekeke

*Kat lost in transition oredi*

Naj and Nuar... Hahahaha. amacam nama same tk? LOL

Close up.

Singing the last song...

Cos da lapar.

Look at that face. And that smile.

Me and Anuar. HAHAHA.

And the usual bathroom shots.

Woaaahh.. kita dapat tengok Anuar Zain lah!

Naj's mirror shot...lawa tak lawa tak??

The Aspiring Photographer perhaps?

From contacts to specs. Heh.
After the showcase, we went to chill out at Starbucks but no pics were taken. Why? I couldn't find any pics in my camera. Prolly we were still too starstrucked? LOL

Then Naj texted Leedya to come down. And we chilled at McD.
Naj Peace!!


Pikir apa neng Naj? LOl.

Leedya and BF. Sweet kan kan kan?

Ni kat hotel mana nye lobby lah.. lupa sih.

Pic with the art work.

Classical piano. Naj and Leedya.

Moi and Naj.

Naj boleh jadi model lah kan...

Leedya bleh jadi make up artist nyee...

Oi oi...notty ekh.. nak pegang apa tu?ekekeke...

Door shot. Hehe.

Far East shop. Termenung jauh nampak?

Ze mysteriouss Leedya..

I had actually asked them to sit down.. padahal takde space nak duduk unless they sit on the water. LOL

Ketawa cepat....tapi buat macam natural I had said to them.

Leedya pun da start dengan peace sign tu..

The sweet Leedya.

Cepat, cepat fan yourself slowly tapi make it look natural..again I had asked Naj to pose naturally. LOL.
While we were on the way out of the hotel lobby, guess who we met??

ANUAR!!! dapat amik pic lagiii!!

Leedya pon dapat!!!
Although he was in a rush, he obliged to the photo taking with us. Sweet kan dia?
Pastu kita jalan endlessly before we finally hung outside Taka and camwhore some more..da macam tourist tau kita orang. Hehe.

Leedya stress ke? Naj sedut air...haus nampak?

Ni shot apa? Candid ke pose? Sal Naj nampak cam terkejut? LOL

Cepat posee... timer on 10 seconds.

Minah gangster ke Charlie's Angels...dua2 Kat cannot make it. LOL
Ni kita nak posing pantat... tapi Naj tk join.. dia nak pose benda lain. LOL. ekekeke

I love you...you love me..With a great big hug... LOL.
The two Westside Sistas!

And again... kita Sista Westside!

Naj Alone.

All dainty.

Escalator shot. Mesti ada.

When the shopping centre empties... this is what happen.
Leedya: Uhhhhh...
On the way back to Orchard Mrt. Last shot.

We parted ways when we reached Orchard Mrt as Leedya and Naj were going the opposite way towards Boon Lay.
I had an enjoyable day. Except for some glitches I think it all went perfecto.
I really have tons more pics to upload. And tons of updates to do but I shall leave that for another day... Hehehe.
Today da penat lah dey!
Mak masak lauk curry chicken smlm, today she cooked chicken kicap.. Hari-hari makan ayam muka pun jadi ayam. Hehehe.

Kan aku da kata ni entry panjang giler... LOL. Ok ok, aku da lapar. Nak makan..
Cabot dulu geng!