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Thursday, May 28, 2009 { 1:02 PM }

I sometimes am baffled by some people.

Calling yourself an ardent fan of the designer/singer/band but yet you don't know the latest news about him/her/them.

LOL. Naj, you know who I'm talking about.

It really tickles me when that particular person commented in a way about his favorite designer. LOL.

Come on, how so not in touch with the real world are you? That news about him collaborating with a soft drink company has been around for what, a month plus?

And call yourself a big fan of him, citing he's your idol when even that minor thing you don't know.

A collaboration means to work together. And since he is a famed designer, famous for his clothes, of course lah they want his design. For what put his face sia? Like how when Stella Mccartney collaborated with Adidas, she designs for Adidas, not put her face on every Adidas items. LOL. And how Alexander Mcqueen collaborated with Puma, you don't see his face on every Puma item.

And those jewellery, diamond thingies you see on the cans/bottles are his designs. Fancy you to actually criticise them. LOL. Even your so called research wasn't thorough.

Oh, and did you know that Roberto Cavalli, Manolo Blahnik and Patricia Field has also done the same things for that soft drink brand. Heh.

Little boy, please don't be a wannabe or a poseur. It will only make you look himbotic. Opps, you don't know what that is? Go Wiki it. And while you're there, go look up the meaning of collaboration.

I may not be a future designer, but at least I know my designers. And where do I get such info? The answer is very simple, the world wide web. You do know what that is right? Information at your fingertips. Very useful but also very dangerous info.

I'm not criticising anyone here. I'm just baffled by the buffoonery of some people. Call yourself a fan, heh!

Go do your homework more aite...

Ciao, mon belles!

Updated: Irna, sorry aku ni macam terikot-ikot kau pulak. Masukkan youtube vid dalam blog. But the truth is that, imeem has been an ass lately, only playing 18 secs of my songs each time. Bleargh!

The vid that's on my blog is from Zee Avi Live from and above the Solar Powered Plastic Plant. The songs featured in the vid are Honeybee, Bitter Heart, Kantoi and Monte.