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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 { 2:30 AM }

I've been itching to change my blogskin.

However, I've not found the perfect one so I figured that it's best to stick with the skin I'm having now. Haha.

Been tutoring the neighbour's kids and Mamat. Well, I tell you one thing for sure, it's easier teaching someone who is slow at catching up than someone who's a dumbass stubborn shithead.

Yes, that's what I call Mamat. I don't mean to degrade him or something but come on, I'm teaching him P6 Malay and English. Don't tell me he don't know how to spell a simple word like 'WHERE'. Haizz... he's clever, because despite all these he can read hard words but why, oh why must he act all 'blur'? Damn.. and he's so bloody stubborn, keeps wanting to see things his way despite knowing it's wrong.

I told him a lot of times that it's like, dah tahu orang terjun kat lubuk tu mati, kau pun sama nak terjun jugak. Carik nahas. Really I don't get it. I can't read his mind. He simply don't understand simple gestures. When I'm angry at him and refuse to talk to him. he would say things like 'Yelah,macam da benci dengan Mamat je.' or 'Macam dah tak suka je.'

But then when he gets angry, he repeats the same thing to me. He completely ignores me. Then sometime around last week, I wasn't angry at him but just wanting to give him a dose of his own medicine. I ignored him the whole day. Then the very next day, I asked how he felt when I did that. He kept saying 'Macam dah benci je.' I said, ' Now you know how I feel.'

I'm not one who justifies what people do as right or wrong. It depends on the person's own motive. I don't do the whole an eye for an eye shit. Although I am someone who harbours hatred when someone does something towards me, I don't go for the whole revenge thingy. Just so not my style.

Last few days, we had this family discussion. Then Mamat started talking about other people. People who don't matter, well in my context, they don't. Haha. I hate pointing out people's imperfections. If it's other people children, let their parents talk to them about it.

And like my father say, jangan kutuk or mengata orang bila diri sendiri belum cukup bagus. Betul jugak cakap bapak aku ni.

Then recently, I found out that my nephew's new wifey actually gossiped about me. Haha, I told Mamat... like I care! She should sedar diri first before she gossips about me. Haha, and if it is about my wedding day make up, she's a fool! I got married 6 years before her. If I were to get married now, obviously I would look wayyyyy more beautiful than her. At least, my own in laws don't object to my marriage. Unlike hers.

But still I told Mamat, I don't care what she says because I know I am better than her. At least, I mind my own business. Ada aku kisah kau kahwin pakai deco apa? Ada aku yang approach kau persuade kau amik photography and videography aku? Ada? I am not that cheap skate yet ok! LOL, I don't need sales from sedara mara to boost up my reputation. LOL, honestly come on! The feud has long been forged, so irregardless of what either of them says... I know I'm way better than them.

They were the ones who approached us, and yet has the cheek to say... our package expensive and takde backdrop. LOL. Hello, look at your neighbour who got married the same day as you and took our services. Ada backdrop kan? LOL, saja aje aku cakap takde cos aku sememangnya tak nak amik sales korang pon. And saying our package expensive?? LOL, just admit yang kau tu tak mampu. Hehe.

What are these people thinking? Short minded? Fikiran singkat? Kalau nenek dia yang cakap takpe, ni yang cakap menantu yang apparently aku ingat bijak pandai rupanya sama jugak otak cetek mcm dorang. Memang padan lah, kena sangat dengan family tu. LOL.

Never call a kettle black, never point your fingers to others without looking at how dirty they are.

Please lah, get a life! Hehe.