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Wednesday, June 3, 2009 { 1:49 PM }

For the fans of Habiburrahman EL Shirazy, otherwise known as Kang Abik, the man behind the simply moving Ayat-Ayat Cinta. Be prepared for the 2nd movie adapted from his books, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih. You can catch the trailer at the site that I've linked.

It's out in Indonesia on 11 June 09, I'm not really sure when it will hit Singapore and Malaysia theatres.

There's also a song from the soundtrack, of the same title, sung by Melly Goeslow and Amee. It's on my playlist, right after Zee Avi's songs.
I, for once, can't wait to get my hands on the books. Hehehe.

On another note, my arm's killing me. You know, the joint part in between your shoulder and your arm. That's the part that's killing me. I think I must have overstretched or something. It's like painful each time I want to lift my hands up.

Oh, I overslept this morning. Sadar je, tengok jam handphone menandakan jam 7.52 am! Kelam kabut aku bergegas bangun and kejut si Mamat tu. I ask him to cuci muka and send the kids to school. Remedial starts at 8 and I just woke up! Apadah!

And then, the funny thing is when Mamat went over, the kids haven't even put on their uniforms. I stood by the pintu for about 5 minutes before making my way to my neighbour's house. Rupa-rupanya, it's not only me who woke up late...the kids pun sama! Hahaha, their grandma said it's cos of the rain. Yalorh, syiok lah tido pagi-pagi. I actually woke up at 6.50 am, then I said nevermind la bole tido lagi, 7.20 can wake up and siap. Sekali kau...terlajak! LOL.

I freaking hate my brother. He's an ill temper lazybum who tak sedar diri! Benci benci benci!! He kept asking Mamat to go back home lah, etc2. So many vulgar words come out of his mouth. Dia tak sedar ke, Mamat duduk sini bukan makan free. His dad drops by every beginning of the month to pass his expenses money to my mum. He's the freeloader here, tak sedar diri! Like my mum said, "Kau tu yang makan free!"

My dad has been complaining, no, actually more to begging. He's been asking my brother to find a job asap and help him. We do have enough to eat. I pay the bills, whereas dad takes care of the kitchen stuff. Only sometimes, when dad gets his pay late then mum would ask for money from me. But most of the time, she doesn't. My mum's the type of person who doesn't like to mintak duit dari anak sesuka hati. Every single cent that I gave her, she'll pay me back. I've said no need to return it numerous times to her but she still pays me back, if not by cash then she'll buy breakfast for us every morning eventhough knowing that we are the types who don't eat breakfast. And when either my brother or Mamat knocks on the bedroom door, we'll be forced to drag our sleepyheads and ass off the bed and eat bfast. Not that it's a bad thing but when you sleep at 6 plus in the morning and having to wake up at 9 plus, it's kinda irritating right.

Then my brother, I used to call him KDP. KDP's an acronym made up by me and hubster. It stands for Kurang Daya Pemikiran. He's 25, not 15 and neither is he 5 years old. He should be able to think clearly and carefully. Like hubster says, "Aku umur 25 dah kahwin dengan kakak kau.."

Susah lah cakap dengan dia, his reactions will always be either angry or ignorant. Yes true, ignorance is bliss but not in this case. When other people, e.g his friends or the neighbours, rides a new bike or passed their driving license, he'll say that the person da sombong. Jeles tu cakap je jeles.

He takde rasa iri hati ke dengan kemajuan orang lain. Sampai bila nak duduk kat takuk lama. Kerja harian dia is to lepak bawah blok, balik makan, lepak lagi sampai time maghrib, balik makan, asking Mamat to ask for ciggies from hubster, lepak sampai pukul 1-2 pagi. How freaking absurd is that?!

Even hubster pernah tanya dia, "Laq, nak gi mana?".

His answer will be, " Turun bawah ah bang."

Then hubster will ask the next question, " Turun bawah buat apa?

He will in turn say, "Lepak-lepak."

Hubster will ask him, " Lepak dapat apa?" and my brother will just terdiam. Tak tahu apa nak jawab. Betol apa, apa yang dapat lepak-lepak kat bawah? Setakat berbual kosong, dapat kosong telur 0. Zilch. Nothing. Dapat nothing and therefore, lebih suka melepak kat bawah. Kalau satu kali lepak tu dapat 50 ketul ke, aku faham jugak. Ni takde apa yang dapat.

Mungkin cos mak aku kadang-kadang bising. Yeah lah, I admit it my mum LOVES to nag. Dah jadi hobby mak-mak agaknya. But she has been nagging lesser and lesser these few days. She does the housework and then petang, she relak tengok tv. But sometimes, when she does starts to nag, she doesn't stop. It can go on for endless hours. And might, probably might results in her breaking down; crying. Tapi budak ni kalau tak dicakap, tak ingat. Dia fikir just cos mum and dad diam, dia boleh continue buat apa dia suka. Bila cakap cara baik, dikatanya bebel. Bila cakap cara terpekik-pekik marah bising-bising, lagilah dia tak suka.

Orang cakap pun bukan untuk suka-suka. Bila orang tua membebel tu, try to oversee the noisiness and look at the advice given. Kalau tak start keje dari sekarang, nanti da tua apahal? Kalau da berkenan dengan anak dara orang tapi tak keje, macam mana lah nak masuk meminang? Pakai daun? Ingat anak dara orang apa, anak kambing??

Aku rasa macam da panjang lebar aku type. Aku nak bebel kat dia tapi dia takde. Bila aku cakap satu-satu benda tu, dia buat cebik muka tak happy. Dah tu start nak bertekak dengan aku. One phrase that he keeps repeating to me is, cakap dulang paku serpih, cakap orang diri sendiri lebih. Lebih apa? Lebih pandai aku rasa betul. Tapi kalau dia nak samakan aku dengan dia, sorry. I started working at a young age. At least CPF aku ada lah more than 20k. CPF dia, habuk pun tarak. Stakat 1k plus, nanti jangan cakap rumah...nak beli jamban rumah pun tak mampu. Kekekeke.

Susah cakap dengan orang degil ni because they will always and forever be in their own world. Dia fikir dia tak susahkan orang, walhalnya harian dia tu, beras, lauk, rokok semua dari duit orang lain yang bersusah payah memerah keringat untuk hidupan seharian. Tu baru betol aku cakap, bodoh sombong degil. Dah bodoh takpe, sombong plak tu. Dah tu, degil. Orang bodoh kita kalau ajar, dia dengar jugak cakap. Kalau orang degil, mati balik hidup dia tetap dengan cara dia.

Dia pikir, dia duduk melepak tu orang tak mengata. True what I say, peduli apa orang nak cakap tapi fikir dulu, nama sapa terjejas kalau dia buat buruk. Nama mak dengan bapak aku jugak! Balik-balik nanti orang kata, mak dengan bapak tak ajar anak. Terlalu manjakan anak sebab tu jadi macam tu. Memang kenyataannya mak dengan bapak aku manjakan adik aku tapi dorang also instill sifat rajin bekerja. Ni adik aku, ikut sape pon tak tahu. Mungkin benar apa yang dorang kata, dalam setandan pisang tu tak semuanya baik.

Lagu yang aku suka sindirkan dia is lagu yang lirik dia goes something like "Jang, oh Jang! Bangun ler...matahari dah tinggi ni, kerbau tak kasi makan lagi... etc2." LOL. And he will be bingit each time. Ekekekeke.

Belajar tinggi-tinggi biar sampai ke negeri Cina ok geng!

Ciao, mon belles!