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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 { 10:37 AM }

Have I told you how much I loveeeeee being in my room?

I love mingling on bed, I just love being in my room. Period.

I love my room the most because it's comfortable. Hehehehe.

And also because it smells sooooo nice!

Hubster and myself have been addicted to The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil. We bought cranberry at first because it was so sweet smelling. But when our supply of cranberry oil finished, we headed to TBS to stock it up. To our disappointment, they had a new fragrance oil on display. It was Japanese Bloom or something along that line, I don't like the flowery smell. So the sales person recommended Satsume, which I hated. Hubster likes it much though. It kinda gives you the fresh smell. But I don't like it, it was too orangey. So I asked if they had something sweet smelling.

The sales person showed me the strawberry fragrance oil and I fell in love with it!! It is so scrumptious! It's just what I wanted. Tak dapat cranberry, dapat strawberry pon ok lah.

So when I got home that night, I poured the strawberry oil into the diffuser and my oh my, my room smells yummilicious!!

So for those who wants their house to be smelling sweet. Get the fragrance oil from TBS. It's better than any of those Airwick brands. Bit expensive but a small bottle can last for around a month. It works relatively well in an air-conditioned room rather than one that has no air con.



Anyways, I'm craving for Hor Fun from Galley By The Straits. In case you don't know where that is, it is located at SAF Yacht Club. SAF Yacht Club is located just beside Sembawang Camp. If you're not familiar with the place, it could be hard to find as it's kinda ulu. Better to take your own vehicle or a cab there as walking distance from the bus stop is around 10-15 minutes.

The food there is scrumptious. Delicious. Up till today, I can never find another shop that sells better Hor Fun. It's been awhile since I went there.

With nice ambience as it's by the sea, Galley By The Straits is a bit pricey but the food makes up for it.

And guess what? I'm going there for lunch!! Hehehehehe...

So, I gotta get ready for lunch date with hubster and prolly a movie afterwards.

Ciao, mon belles!!