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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 { 9:06 AM }

I've always been picky about the food that I eat.

I"m known to a lot of people as the person who tak makan ikan.

Well, the truth is, I DO eat fish. Just that I'm picky about the selection of fish I eat.

I don't eat fish with scales. [ikan mana takde scales lah dol!]

As in, you know, ikan merah, ikan gelama, ikan yang bersisik obvious sangat tu...hehehe. I don't each the fishes because to me they're ugly.

Hubster once asked me, "Why you never eat fish?" To which I answered, "I don't like." To which he answered, " Orang bodoh je tak makan ikan.." To which I malas wanna answer. Debates like this one, will always be won by him. At least that's what he'll think.

But last week, while window-shopping for some ikan for mum, I explained to him why I don't eat the fishes. I told him, " I don't eat them because they're ugly." to which he replied, "Huh? Where got reason like that one?"

I said, "Ada. You know how you don't eat sayur because they taste weird or look weird. The same goes for me. The fishes look ugly or weird thus I don't like them. We usually eat what appeals to our eyes as the most delish dishes what..."

He snickered but went completely silent. Bagus lah tak jawab balik. Kalau dia jawab, dalam pasar Shieng Siong tu bertekak. Hehe.

The fishes I eat are ikan cencaru, ikan kembong, ikan selar kuning/besar, ikan bilis, ikan sardine[ekekeke] and ikan tuna dalam can tu makan spread dengan roti [yummy!]. Ikan cencaru, kembong and selar kuning have a shiny body thus leading me to think they don't have scales. Lawa kan tengok ikan-ikan tu. Heehehehee.

Oh, and by the way, bagi sesiapa yang tak tahu ikan ayam-ayam tu apa... here's the pic.

Hubster kata ikan ni sedap, rasa dia sama macam ayam. Tapi macammana saya suka dan favorite ayam pon, saya tetap takkan makan ikan ni. Kekekeke.

And citing what Naj said, " Pelik ikan rasa ayam. Imagine you tell your friends, eh I just had fish that tasted like chicken or a chicken tasted fish."

Chicken-chicken fish or better still, Fish Chicken-Chicken. Heehehehehe.

I'm materifishtic, according to Naj. LOL. Nak makan yang silver colored fishes aje.

Ciao mon belles!

I'll stick to chicken...