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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 { 12:07 PM }

2nd entry of the day. Sorry, suddenly feel like got so many things to say.

First and foremost, I'd like to say what Malaysian newspaper, KOSMO!, wrote about Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad is downright unethical. She's gone, just let her soul rest. What happened before or what she was before shouldn't be brought up. Come on, Malaysia ain't Hollywood whereby tons of paparazzi lies waiting for a bad trip done by a celebrity. Malaysia is an Islamic country whereby, most of the citizens are Malays. Even the non-malays understand the malay language. Even more understands the Islamic foundations.

And when I saw what I saw on FB, I feel it's downright shameful. Yes, even though you're a cheap newspaper(just RM1 for one newspaper) but please, don't be cheap on the articles. Don't go slandering people.

The journalist who wrote the article really should think twice, no make that a gazillion times before proceeding with it. You're just hurting more people who loves her. And the editor who approved of it, please stop trying to make your newspaper more sellable. It won't work in Malaysia.

I've never liked judging people. No, I feel it's not in our place to judge them. Leave all the judging to the Almighty. Let Allah deal with the person's doings when he/she meets Him.

On another note, there is this particular blog and group in FB which I can't say I condone but it's like you know, bleargh. Gasak dorang lah. Like I always say, gasak orang lain nak jadi apa. Kubur sendiri-sendiri. What we can do is give advice. Yes, give advice w/o letting others know about it. Jangan gembar-gemburkan yang 'hey, she used to be a slut till i talked her out of it.' But then again, to each his own.

We're not perfect. I'm not perfect. I realise that, therefore I've never judge the people in my surroundings. Any bad comments, keep it to myself. Any good comments that is worthy to be heard, let others hear.

Sudah-sudah lah mengaibkan orang, you're nowhere near perfect pon. You kept saying about dosa orang, what about your own?

Happy wednesday mon belles!!

I'm so having the mid week blues. Just wanna laze in bed doing nothing. Yes, yes Kat FEMALAS! LOL.

Ciao mon belles, time to continue snoozing.