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Wednesday, July 8, 2009 { 4:59 PM }

"Before you judge me, try hard to love me..."

One of the lines from my favorite song from MJ.

Watching the tribute early this morning, I cried. Yes, buckets. I never told anyone this but he was a HUGE part of my childhood. In fact, he is still a BIG part of my life. Because he seems selfless, despite whatever people continue to assume.

I cried each time I see news of him, I cried each time I see his clips, I cried each time listening to his songs, yes, I'm crying, even now.

Him passing on, is like getting to know that Peter Pan is dead. The boy who never grew up is dead. I bet the whole of Neverland would be in grieve, including Captain Hook and the mean crocodile with the ticking clock in him.

Despite him being ridiculed by the world, by people who never seem to understand him, he put on a smile. He continued smiling and laughing and getting on with life. But for how long can he put up with all the bad vibes? How long can one man stand all the negativity, not from one person but from millions? We celebrated his songs and yet condone what he done without knowing him what his life is like.

We judge him too soon, despite knowing that only God can judge us.

While watching the tribute, I cried when Brooke Shields gave a speech, I cried even more when Jermaine Jackson sang Michael's favorite song, Smile.

And when Usher choked while singing, Gone Too Soon, I cried too.

Maybe those who aren't a big fan of his will never understand why I cried.

It's like losing a hero. Someone whom you've always look up to because somehow he made the world simpler. United all religions and races. Be it black, be it white.

He had numerous hits, he had numerous fans and many impersonators. But people could only imitate him, they can never be him. He is undoubtedly, the King Of Pop. The Numero Uno entertainer. His songs will live in his family and his fans.

I will continue to cry, in my heart, each time I listen to his songs.

Michael, you will be greatly missed.