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Sunday, July 19, 2009 { 7:03 AM }

The last few days has been rather hectic..

I was sick to the max, in fact I'm still sick now as I'm typing this entry.

The nose is runny, the cough is getting worse, the sore throat's almost gone, the fever's gone already.

Then, since hubster had to cover for my video job in Ubi, I so-called 'covered' his job in Hougang. He was understanding enough to do that. So I took on the role of 'director of poses' to help one of our photographer. Kesian Fas, to take pics memang lah dia tahu tapi first time jadi main photographer, member badi-badi takut gambar tak cukup. LOL.

So despite being sick, I still attended the engagement and directed a pose or two. The only downslide was that the event was supposedly to start at 3pm but entah macam mana, kita terdatang awal. Fas was more pitiful, he came at 11.30 am!! I reached the location at only 1.20 pm! Tu pun I thought I was late. Hahaha.

I was so scared that the majlis cock-up that I gave Mamat my phone and asked him to go find the house to pass Fas the flash. Lepas tu, begok nye Kat tak ingat unit number, cuma tahu tingkat 8. DUH! And I got freaking lost!! How does one get lost in a blk? Who gets lost in a HDB blk? KAT! lol.

So I went to the nearest public phone, tried dialling hubster number tapi didn't exactly remember his number. Selalu leh ingat, tapi semalam boleh jadi bodoh tak ingat. LOL! Instead of dialling 2563, I dialled 2513/2153. LOL! Dah tu, out of frustrations, tears rolled down. Imagine lah, sakit-sakit pastu turun naik block yang lift cuma ada on level 1,6 and 11, which means I had to turun naik tangga. Dah lah kelaparan, dengan kepala berat, dengan idong yang berlari, dengan batok yang sangat kronik...dalam semua tu, out of confusion I guess I totally forgot hubster's number. LOL.

So in the end I decided to wait in front of the lifts, praying that Mamat would be smart enough to turun bawah and look for me. Sekali tengah tunggu dorang, sedih seii. It was more because of the frustrations, marah diri sendiri for not being alert/smart enough. hehe.

Bla, bla, bla... wrapped up the whole thing at around 11 plus pm. Haha...coba kamu fikir 3-11 plus pm. Kesian kami-kami, i.e , Fas & me yang sakit.

And today, despite being sick... with idong berlari and batok, I made a promise with hubster and the boys that I'd follow them out today. For a picnic. Yeah! Picnic dok!! Da bape lama tak gi picnic? Ekekekeke.

I guess that actually explains why I am up so early. Later going Shing Siong then off for a day of picnic.

Spend your weekend wisely guys!

Ciao, mon belles!