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Thursday, July 30, 2009 { 4:34 AM }

Sumpah aku pissed off!


And aku malas nak amik tahu... susahkan diri sendiri buat apa?

Aku yang pening and aku yang stresskan diri sendiri.

Padahal, padahal...

Aku sumpah malas dot com.

And don't think kita hadap dengan barang-barang tu.

Sungguh wtf lah siak!

Aku betol-betol pissed off. It's like making us seem like we're the wolves in your relationship. We are the ones who are forcing you to break up. Have we force you? We ask you repeatedly, but then we realise that we can't force you. Your life is in your hands. We're not trying to say what we are asking you to do is right. But look at your relationship, if it is like what you said then of course as friends, we are angry. Tell me which friend will not be angry...

And I have my own internet connection. My friend, Bella has her own mobile phone which is still an up-to-date phone. So for once, don't even think that we want your stuff!

Argh, aku sungguh mengamok. If you wanna twist your own sad story, please don't do it to me.

And now, as a friend I feel that I have been manipulated. I never look at friends as obstacles. Friends are there to share your sorrows and happiness. I never judge my friends, I never pick and choose my friends. I'm happy as long as my friends can accept me for who I am. And I'm happy as long as they're happy. Kalau dorang sedih, mestilah aku pun sedih. Kalau dorang marah, mesti lah aku pun marah. Takkan aku ni batu, orang confide dengan aku, I can still be cold like a stone. Of course aku marah with all the sob stories you've been telling me. Aku marah because I know you deserve better.

But when this kinda things happen and somehow both me and Bella really felt manipulated, all I can say is... you are made for each other.

Now I know why your friend are no longer bothered about you. You bring it upon yourself. Sorry, but seriously look at the situation with an open eye. Don't just think about yourself.

Akhir kata, Gomenasai, Sayonara!

*Gomenasai - sorry
*Sayonara - goodbye